Cannabis Juice Cures Cancer - A Small Thought on World Cancer Day

Little do many of us realize that today, the 4th of February is World Cancer Day. According to the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, 60 to 70% of men in India are prone to cancer because of tobacco and most cancer cases in women are due to over exposure of hormones and obesity.

The cause of cancer is due to cancerous cells that multiply rapidly and ultimately kill the patient. In the initial stages, cancer can be cured by medicines or chemotherapy, but in the advanced stage, the tumor has to be operated, followed by treatment of the remaining cancer cells. But, chemotherapy, in every form, is again very dangerous. It is a radiation therapy that causes hair loss, weight loss and makes the patient very thin and weak. Sometimes, it gets to an extent where are are not even recognizable. Most patients become too weak and die of chemotherapy.
I have seen many people die of cancer, but the most stupid belief among us, is that chemotherapy is the only cure. Medical establishments and huge hospitals also recommend chemotherapy in an instant, the moment they diagnose a patient with cancer. This treatment is very costly, and in most cases, it proves futile, if the cancer develops to a higher stage. Even after chemo, there are chances of the cancer developing again.
A few doctors and researchers say that the best cure for cancer is available from nature. The Cannabis Plant, which is native to Central and South Asia is said to be the best cure for cancer till date. But Cannabis leaf is commonly known as weed, and it is smoked by many and used as a drug. You will get high when you smoke Cannabis, and it is definitely not the best cure for cancer, but some doctors say that it cures cancer when drunk as juice.

Cannabis Juice is becoming popular, but many hospitals and doctors do not like it because it will not earn them much money. Though the possibility of manufacturing medicine using Cannabis is under research, it is said that Cannabis cures cancer very effectively when consumed raw. There are questions if people will get high when they drink cancer juice, but in a way, you get dizzy or dazed when you consume any drug related to cancer. There is also a Facebook Page titled Cannabis Cures Cancers which throws more light on this remedy. So if you know of anyone who is a cancer fighter, share this and help them. It is worth a try anyway.     
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