Should Children Be Allowed To Take Part in Reality Shows?

As I was returning home from my leisurely evening stroll today, I came across a banner on the street. It said “Vote for ----- and help the child win ----- reality show. I do not want to mention the names, but it was really intriguing. I have never seen people advertise so much for a child to win a petty reality show.

My dad, on the other hand watches the same show on TV every day. I hate TV these days and I totally stay away from it; I only used it to look out for information or news, but my smartphone does the job better. We still have the 15 year old picture tube TV at home and most of the guests who visit us advise us to get the latest ones. However, the continuous stream of shows that my dad watches very night constantly annoys me because of the bullshit. Though I do not watch them, my TV has speakers.
There are shows which feature children for fun, without any competition. Shows like that are good, but most of the shows nowadays induce competition among them. Competition is good, and it is really great to see a child winning a hefty sum of money, a huge house, a nice car and what not!
But what we forget to see is the ones who get kicked out from the limelight. They call it elimination. When an adult who has so much emotional maturity itself gets kicked out of a reality show, he/she feels a bit dejected. No wonder they go through a lot of stress. But when a child enters a reality show and gets eliminated, it is a different story.
I really cannot stand to see the tears in children’s eyes when they get to know that they will no more be part of the show. Some shows even take it to a level that only one kid earns a title. What happens to the rest?
Children will lose their interest, fail to nurture their talent, and lose concentration on other aspects of life, just because a dumb panel of judges decided they were not good enough. Sometimes, the parents get frustrated more than the children. On the other hand, the media earn a lot of money using these children as live bait and the ruthless public seems to enjoy the whole mess.
I personally believe that children must not be allowed to take part in reality shows. You can experiment with adults, even kill them on TV. But it feels awful to watch a child crying and losing hope of his/her future. Children have not even begun their lives yet. They live in their own little world of fantasy. And no one has the right to ruin their happiness in order to earn money.

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