Catching Up On Lost Growth and The Importance of It

Growth is one of the most important factors of human beings. While too much of growth is again a disadvantage, the right amount of growth is essential, especially for children. Most humans continue to grow up to their early twenties, but with the advancement of science, people can even grow after this age by the use of growth supplements.

My childhood was a bumpy ride since I was a kid with many health complications. There were many reasons for this. One of them was that I was exposed to severe antibiotics when I was still a toddler. Even when I entered middle school, I was one among the puniest students in my class.

However, things took a turn when my parents took me to a good doctor who advised me on nutrition and asked me to take health supplements. Drinks and beverages help kids to grow faster these days and though it is embarrassing for us to look smaller than them, we must help them to keep up with the competition.

Not only does catching up on lost growth enable a child to become healthier, it also helps him/her to gain some confidence in the competitive world. In a movie titled “The Ugly Truth”, the lead actor utters this: “At the end of the day, all we care about is looks. No one falls in love with your personality at first sight.”


A tall, good-looking person will have a higher success rate when compared to others. While personality is also important for success, the way the world will judge a person is all related to his/her looks. Hence, growth is essential.

Children who experience stunted growth feel depressed and sometimes become a victim of bullying. The number of students committing suicides in our country is increasing and most of them are because of bullying based on physical features. Though this is not encouraged and it is definitely not a good idea to make children feel bad about their own physique, why allow them to be left out while you can help them catch on lost growth?

As parents, it is their duty to track the growth of their child and provide him proper nutrition with the help of a specialized nutritionist or medical doctor. When there is an option to help your child grow, there is no proper justification to deny the benefits of it.

However, there are still a few disadvantages with growth supplements. Some nutritionists recommend the use of steroids and other substances which might become a problem for the child at a later stage. Substances like these result in infertility and other issues, which are unfavorable.

Hence, it must be noted that while catching up on lost growth is as essential as it appears, proper nutrition must be provided such that the child does not lose something else while trading it for growth. A proper advice or counselling from experts in the field is definitely recommended in order to make sure that the child gets his nutrition and growth supplements in the best way possible.

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