10th Anniversary of The Tsunami - A Memoir

10 years have passed since one of nature's most atrocious acts pounced over mankind. This was a poem I wrote two days after the event occurred, when I was 13. I am posting it again as a tribute to all those who lost their lives in this natural massacre. 


December 26, 2004

The breeze with salt just filled the air

Moving every single human’s hair;

As they stood on the shore

Watching the waves come and roar.

No one knew what was its cause,

To compensate its irreparable loss;

Losing hope and tracing fast

Many dear ones it had lost.

To some the loss of kith and kin,

Or the wages of terrible sin;

A hundred thousand hearts it broke

Covered by a pitch black cloak.

To some the loss of only a sock,

To many more than a grieving shock;

To nature it was its own mock

And on the doors of death it knocked.

Not more than a second here

When all smiles had become tears;

The fears of life are yet to come,

Sorrow to many, fear to some.

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