You Should be Ashamed of Your Lily-Livered Act of Violence - An Open Letter to Taliban!

Dear Taliban,
So you go to a school, open fire at random and kill 132 children. Children who went to school to study, learn something. Children who had some hope for a future. I don’t really know if the person whom you employed to carry out this gutless act of violence had any children, but I can ask you this, how more cowardly could you be?

You call yourself terrorists? No, I picture you as cowards. Cowards with no future. Cowards without a heart. And beyond everything, cowards without a life. What would you gain by snatching the lives of 132 innocent souls? I am pretty sure that you would gain a place in hell, but you deserve much more than that.
Why did you kill those children? Didn’t you have any other choice? If you want to achieve something, then stand up and work for it like real men. Real men who made a history, real men who fought for the betterment of the world. What have you achieved by doing this?
You plant bombs on people, on buildings, on stationary vehicles and on everything else. But why schools? Why students? Why children? Can’t you spare them at least?
I saw pictures of small coffins, a boy who lost his mother who was a teacher in the same school, and above all I saw emotion-less faces of the near and dear ones of those killed in this dreadful massacre. Why were they emotion-less? They cannot choose between anger and sadness. They do not know what to do. They cannot believe their own eyes.
Are you human beings? Do you eat the same food that we all eat? And are you made up of the same red blood that those little children shed because of you? I doubt it. You are not humans. You are not animals. You are not monsters. You are not even the devil. You are more worse.

The Voice of the 132 Children.    
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