An Open Letter to Vogue India and Deepika Padukone

Dear Vogue India and Deepika Padukone,
I met a 12 year old girl a few months back, who said that Deepika Padukone was her role model. I gave her a thumbs up. But now, I want to go back and tell this to her: “My dear, it is high time you change your role model!”. The reason:  I watched this.

It is good to have your own choices, and I respect that. If you see my previous blog posts, you would understand that I support the cause of noble women. You can dress however you want, or roam naked on the streets, but even the USA has a law to arrest naked people.  Deepika, you are a role model to many, and indeed, you became famous after your retweet to TOI. That is something that I really applaud.  
This video was really good. I liked every part of it, except when you said this.
“To have sex before marriage, my choice (of course) To have sex outside of marriage, my choice (Brilliant) To love temporarily or permanent, my choice (Great) To choose to love a man, a woman, or both, my choice (okay)”
Yes, these do not make up a major part of the video. But I want to stress on these lines because they will have an impact on Indian teenage girls and the youth, more than the rest of the video.
Vogue and Deepika, I think someone must educate you both on empowerment.  For a start, please check the Oxford English dictionary. Deepika, do you know what marriage means? What would you say if a man tell that? Yeah, he is a male chauvinist. He is a bastard. He is moralless.
What if a man says he can go and have sex out of his marriage? Will that make you happy, Deepika?  What if a man says he can ditch you anytime? Will you be happy, Deepika? If you truly love a man, then you won’t.  What if I put up a video of Shah Rukh Khan telling all this?
In all sense, a real woman who has respect for herself will kill herself before saying this. Do you have self respect, Deepika? I don’t know if you were overly praised after that retweet, but I know something. You have thought too much of yourself. Not all men are idiots, Deepika; not all men are idiots. If you say all these things, then why not walk naked all day in your city? Why not, Deepika? Do you have any common sense, Deepika?
Believe me or not, videos like this are only going to increase the crime rate against women in India. Vogue, couldn’t you think of any other commercial to promote your brand. A real woman will start despising your brand from now on; not to mention the men.
Thankfully, there are a very few women who have some common sense.  Read what she thinks.

She is none other than an equal rights activist. Talk about equality for women, I will applaud it. Talk about converting a woman into a socially immoral beast, I cannot help condemning it. Please stop contaminating the minds of good indian women by releasing baseless videos like this,
Finally, I ask you one question Deepika. You know that there are many thieves around. Do you leave your house open? Yes, it is your choice. But when you leave it open, to steal  or not to steal, it is their choice.

Remember. A man has equal rights in the society. He can have his choice too!

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  1. awesome u hit the nail at the right point ... all this my choice crap sound like i will do any shit don't ask me anything, but there is a thing called moral code and responsibility too and that cool too..while they are at the subject of women empowerment why not talk about women employment, child labour, educating women and all that ...that is the call of the hour not sex and clothes and clothes are mentioned here cos the Vogue magazine deals with sex, celebs and clothing its their agenda its a marketing pls don't call it women agenda ...this is exactly kind of stuff that feminist rally against

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