The Two Keys to a Digital India

I had always been waiting to share my views on Digital India, and I did not want to miss this chance. The #DigitalIndia campaign was started sometime back, and it was welcoming.

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There is no doubt that creating a Digital India was part of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s Vision 2020. In other words, we are just a little more than only 4 years away from that deadline. That’s too short, if you would ask me. But yes, I have a plan to create a digital India in the next 5 years or less. There are only two keys that are needed to make this vision come true.
Speaking of how India has been developing in the recent times, I cannot really complain. I can hold a smartphone in my hand and access the internet through a 4G connection, but the question is how much I will pay for it. One of the worst aspects of reality that makes me sad is that I should pay a lot for digital technology more than the citizens of most other countries, though India is one of the hubs for manufacturing these products.
I see a Digitally empowered India the day I walk out of my home, but I still know what is going on back there. I see a Digital India the day I drive on the road, and see all the traffic signals and streetlights working perfectly. I see a Digital India the day an accident victim is immediately saved by an ambulance drone.
If you were reading this, you might probably be smiling sarcastically. That is because you believe we cannot. Believe is the first key that is essential for every Indian to make the dream of a Digital India become a reality. I worked in four companies in a year, straight without taking a long break. The worst thing I learnt from my experience is that Indians do not want to accept new challenges and ideas. That motive is slowly declining, and we have launched a mission to Mars as well, but again, we have not focused on what we really need.
Budgets have to be allocated by the government and  the Indian government has way too much money to have made India a Digitalized country by now. But all that money is in the Swiss Bank. We make plans. We do a lot of things. Recently, there was the ‘smart cities’ project that was sanctioned. But are these being executed? Yes, they are, but very, very slowly. Focus is the second key that should be taken into account in order to make the vision of Digital India a reality. If we do not focus, we cannot execute, Digital India will remain a vision, and that would be very bad.
The Make in India plan was launc hed by the government recently. While I like it, there are also a few reasons why I don’t. We have to encourage our own people and motivate them to come out with their own ideas. The corporate world will definitely play an important role in creating a Digital India. But more than that, the government’s idea to experiment is also very important.
I do not want to load the government with the burden of a Digital India, but sadly, we need ‘sanctions’ to make things happen. Enough of snubbing ideas. Let us be open and accept them. Though there are many ideas that might be coming, here is mine. I am not much of a technical person, except when it comes to automobiles and gadgets.
I have written over 600 words, and I do not want to prolong it any further. This is my advice for converting the vision of a Digital India into a reality. We need to sum up our investments and focus on Digital India for the next few years. Everything else is secondary. We have enough resources. We just have to use them wisely. We should stop procrastinating. We should start working.

Beyond all this, we must not forget our farmers. Agriculture has been the backbone of India and it is one of the reasons we have developed so much digitally. To develop more, we should not put this sector down. Our ministers, MPs, government officers and normal citizens must all say ‘No’ to corruption to create Digital India as fast as we can. It is now, or never!   
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