Section 66A Gone – Bloggers Rejoice!

The Supreme Court ruling on the ban of the Section 66A has been a good news for all the citizens of India, but there is a special group of people who are celebrating so much.

Yes, we are the bloggers! Indibloggers, to be more precise. The Section 66A banned us all from writing what we thought, but thanks to the brave hearts who persisted. My friends used to warn me that I could get arrested sometime, but I did not bother. It is the duty of a blogger to stand for what’s right, and that is what I have been doing. However, there is no reason to  fear anymore.
Section 66A of the Indian Information Technology act proved to be a big tool for the government to protect itself. Though there was social media, the main purpose of it was gone. When the new government came to power, they did not take any steps to amend or abolish Section 66A, but now they seem to be ‘welcoming the court’s decision’.
Image: Indian Express
But the Supreme Court has made a great decision, and the most thankful people will be Indian bloggers. There have been incidents around the world, including a recent one in Bangladesh were a blogger was ‘hacked to death’ by rebels. Acts like the Section 66A, promoted this in India. But now it’s gone.

There is no guarantee that another act like this might never surface again. The Law is framed by people, and lawmakers are not always good. But for now, let’s rejoice, and at the same time, be prepared for the worst! 
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