Why I would Love to go to Guptaji’s House for Nashta

I recently saw a few advertisements and recipes on YouTube from Kellogg’s under the title Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji Ki Family Recipes.
I loved these recipes, and I want to try them out, but it seems there is a better option. I could directly go to Guptaji’s house for Nashta. In case you do not know, Nashta is the Indian (Hindi) word for breakfast. Breakfast these days has become a daily ritual, and most of us have breakfast just for the sake of eating it. With a busy day ahead of ahead, most of us find less time to make breakfast, or even worse, we do not find time to eat in the mornings.
Breakfast is a very important element of our daily lives, and researchers say that we must not skip our breakfast even if we skip our lunch or dinner. The healthier your breakfast is, the stronger you become. Since cooking breakfast all by ourselves is a problem, and because we do not find time to eat, most of us tend to skip our breakfast, or eat a little just to satisfy the people who cook at our homes.
But thanks to Kellogg’s, making and eating breakfast is not a problem anymore, especially or the kids. The company has opened a Facebook Page which posts lots of good recipes that can be made using Kellogg’s products. These recipes come from the house of Guptaji’s family, and I would really love to go there and taste their breakfast someday.
They seem to be a good family, and no wonder, they make the best Nashta in the world. They are inviting us for Nashta with them. They make everything ranging from sweet Nashtas to hot ones, simple ones to spicy ones, and light ones to heavy ones. But all of these are solid Nashtas. There is Coconut Ladoo Nashta, Chatpatti Cornflake Nashta, Chocolate and Walnut Cornflake Nashta, Strawberry Banana Nashta, Cabbage Corn Basil Nashta, and lots more.   

Image: Kellogg's India
Of these, my favorite would be the Chocolate and Walnut Cornflake Nashta. It looks yummy, and I want to try it very badly. Cornflakes were really boring food to me, since all I knew was to pour milk in a bowl, add some cornflakes to it, and eat them. But Guptaji’s family has changed the trend. I look up to cornflakes with a completely different perspective now, and I am heading to Guptaji’s house for a treat. These recipes are different, creative, and I would love to check them out.  Though there are just a few that they have posted, I am pretty sure that they have some secret recipes. I am going to steal them as well. However, there is only one problem. I do not know where the Guptaji family actually is. I am on a mission to find them, and I hope I succeed soon.
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