Gmail and Yahoo Should be Banned in India for Security Concerns – MP

We live in a country where a woman can be raped in broad daylight, but ‘security concerns’ seem to arise because of common citizens using Yahoo and Gmail.

In the most stupid statement ever made by an MP, BJP MP Tarun Vijay has said that Gmail and Yahoo should be banned in the country. Access to gmail and Yahoo has already been banned in government offices and public sectors.
"There are many reports of espionage in Indian government offices, but what about the data we are ourselves providing willingly to these agencies. The government should provide better Indian email service alternatives to the people of India"
This is the statement that he made today. He also raised a question that proved that he does not have any common sense at all.
“If the use of mail services is not good for the government officials how can it be good for the common citizens?”
Like seriously? Doesn’t he have any idea that almost every Indian business uses one of these service providers for their email communications? And he belongs to a political party that is supposed to make the nation ‘developed’.
At any cost, this cannot come into effect, but statements like these will definitely anger the common man. In fact, bloggers like us depend on these services for a living. And if the government wants to ban this, it is more than bad. We will have to leave India.  
I have no idea what security concerns this man has, when he cannot ensure the safety of a single Indian walking safely on the road.


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