Leslee Udwin, Maker of India’s Daughter, is a Rape Victim Herself

What else could the ashamed Indian leaders do to a brave woman who exposed the ugly truth of our nation? Accuse her, deprive her of her work, and kick her out of the country.

In my previous blog post, I wrote why India’s Daughter was banned in India. It was nothing more than a cover up of the ignorance of our leaders. They want money, nothing else. Leslee Udwin, the maker of India’s daughter was subjected to many false accusations, and some of our leaders even shamelessly claimed that she bribed the criminals to get them interviewed.
But Leslee Udwin has a different story. She came here to document the story not to make money, but because she was inspired by the people’s protest after the incident. The Indian government turned a deaf ear to our protests, but Leslee Udwin did not. She says that she is one of the 20% of women who were raped internationally. She borrowed money from her mother and her friend to make India’s Daughter possible. According to the Huffington post, Udwin had a budget of £120,00 for this documentary.
Leslee Udwin’s documentary was edited and stripped down before it went viral. What we have seen is just a little of her work. But she is angered that the statistics of the number of women raped internationally, country wise, was added at the end of the documentary. But the BBC was forced to remove it because the topmost country on the list was India.  

Udwin has to flee India because she has already had enough. An FIR has been filed because she screened the documentary to a few senior editors. She says that the documentary has got nothing to do with insulting the rape victim, but it only brought to light the ugly truth of the rampant crime in our nation. She never bribed anyone,  and also refused to bribe and interview a potential interviewee. All the sane people who have watched the movie will definitely agree to it. But India’s Daughter can be sold in all other countries except India. I just hope Leslee Udwin reaps the profit of her hard work.
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  1. No the movie was fake. Please don't demean your own country like this. Here is more