India Should be Ashamed of Its Leaders, Not its Women!

We all must be knowing about India’s Daughter, a documentary about the Delhi gang rape that was shot in India by a foreigner. Despite international welcome, there is nothing that could be done when a country’s leaders do nothing, but only take action to cover up their mistakes.

Parliamentary affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu has remarked in his statement that India’s Daughter has a conspiracy that could ‘defame’ India, if the documentary was telecasted internationally, but little did or leaders realize that it would defame the nation multiple times because of this cheap move.
In a gruesome and shocking incident, a 23 year old female physiotherapy student was gang raped in a moving bus on December 16, 2012. This was the most terrible rape incident that had happened in India, and though it was trending in Indian media, the fate of the rapists was kept secret by the government and the legal system. Sadly, none of our own citizens had the thought or the courage to go after them.

Leslee Udwin (photograph above), a person from another country travelled here, sacrificed her time and money to make a beautiful documentary on this incident. In spite of all her efforts to make this documentary (who knows what she went through), the Indian government comes up with a senseless reason to ban this documentary. Luckily, the BBC broadcasted the documentary yesterday, advancing its schedule from March 8th, 2015. This was because of the ban that was in progress.

“This harrowing documentary, made with the full support and cooperation of the victim's parents, provides a revealing insight into a horrific crime that sent shock waves around the world and led to protests across India demanding changes in attitudes towards women."  - BBC

Sadly, the victims’ parents still believe that India has not changed a bit yet, more than 2 years after their daughter was raped and killed. While our leaders are busy planning to make India a developed nation, they have failed to instill a legal system that maintains law and order at any cost. What is the use of development without proper conduct? What is the use of making the country an industrial zone without proper safety of its citizens?
The media, in every way, has its own right to the freedom of expression. While most Indian media backs the documentary to be published, the government decides to ban it for baseless reasons. This is what The Hindu quoted on this issue:

The reason why India wants to ban ‘India’s Daughter’ is a deep sense of shame it feels for letting its daughters be brutalised and for its fatalistic acceptance of male superiority attitudes.

Leslee Edwin had no worthy benefit coming to India from the UK to make this documentary. In my view, she could have gone somewhere else documented a better story. But, she chose to do this for a reason, and then the government decides to ban it. Why doesn’t the government and the media ban the hundreds of films that have rape scenes in them? I see that the documentary was made only with a good purpose, a purpose to educate the country and its people about the crimes that go unnoticed. Despite all this, the chief accused, who boldly blamed the victim in the documentary, is ‘still facing’ his death sentence for the past few years. It is high time India should be ashamed of its leaders, not its women and the people exposing the reality.

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