10 Things I Want To Do Before I Die – My Bucket List

For all those who want to know, here is my Bucket List:

1.       Own a Garage with 10 Automobiles
I do not care whether I own a small house, a villa or a mansion in the future, but I want to own a garage for sure. And in that garage, I would like to stock 10 of my most favorite automobiles.
2.       Set up a 100 Gallon Aquarium
It could be salt water or fresh water, but yes, I would love it to be a living reef tank. I have 7 small aquariums at home now, but I want to have something that big.
3.       Travel the World
I wish to tour the world, at least the most important places. But first, I should have enough money for that. If this is not possible, I want to visit at least the seven wonders of the world.
4.       Become an Internet Nomad
Well, that is quite obvious. When I want to tour the world and earn money at the same time, I have no other choice than to become one.
5.       Open a Shelter for Rescued Animals
If I have enough money, I will open a shelter for rescued animals and house them temporarily or permanently.
6.       Complete a Road Trip on Two Wheels Across India
Yes, I want to take up a major road trip on a bike that runs through all the most beautiful roads in India.
7.       Do a Bungee Jump
Always wanted to do a Bungee Jump.
8.       Own a Drone
This could be the easiest thing to do on my list. I either want to make my own drone, or at least buy one.
9.       Make a Movie
Might sound funny, but I want to make an animation movie.
10.   Establish a Brand for Myself

That is the last thing, but definitely not the least thing I want to do.  I want to make a brand for myself. 
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