10 Facts About Nellie Bly

In case you are wondering who the Google Doodle is about today, then this is the person you are looking for. Nellie Bly was one of the best female journalists the world has ever seen. Since a mainstream article (many of which you could find on the internet) would be boring, here is an interesting one. 10 facts about Nellie Bly.

1.       Her original name was Elizabeth Cochran. Nellie Bly was her pen name.
2.       Nellie Bly had no idea to become a journalist. She had no father. She supported her widowed mother and her 3 brothers.
3.       A newspaper published a column in 1885 titled ‘What Girls are Good For’ that criticized working women of immorality.
4.       She was angry and wrote a letter to the editor anonymously calling herself as an orphan.
5.       The editor was impressed. Though her grammar and vocabulary were bad, he began looking for her. “She's got no grammar, she's got no spelling, let's bring her in”. That’s what he said.
6.       She took the pseudonym Nellie Bly from a song by Stephen Foster.
7.       Nellie Bly became one of the best reporters ever. She was ready to anything, to get what she wanted. She even faked insanity to get into an asylum.
8.       She travelled around the world in 72 days, beating the period of 80 days in Jules Verne’s book. Those days, it was considered unsafe for a woman to do so.
9.       Nellie Bly also wrote more about the orphan market, zoo cruelty, and the homeless.

10.   She was a hardcore feminist and this is one of her most famous quotes: “Suffragists are men’s superiors”.
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