What is Ek Nayi League?

Ek Nayi league has been popular on Twitter for the last few days, and it has made us all to wonder what it is about. But what really is it? There are different videos on YouTube that speak about the Ek Nayi Leauge (EKL) and Kapil Dev, who never had a Twitter account, finally joined it with this Tweet.

Ab main finally Twitter par hoon. Yahan khoob saari baatein karengay aur aap se samay samay par information share karunga.

He asked all of us to follow him on Twitter to know about the Ek Nayi League, but we really do not know what it is. While most of us might be wondering that it could be another sport league or cricket league, something similar to the IPL, the real truth is that it is actually not. Kapil Dev has been talking about this, but for now, there are only a few things I can tell.
Firstly, there is a reason for me to trust it because Kapil Dev is speaking about it. He has been one of my favorite cricketers. Secondly, all the videos and promotions are in Hindi, and I barely understand it, since I am a Tamilian by mother tongue. Ek Nayi league is about making decisions from the heart to win.
The media has been going gaga about this, and the promotion seems to be in great suspense, but there is something that  is happening in the twitter account. Ek Nayi League is nothing related to sports. It is something completely different.
The goal of the Ek Nayi League is to have 100,000 users by the end of the year. This is a hint that Ek Nayi League would be a website. But what website is it really? Yes, I want to find the answer for the same question again. Let’s go deeper.
When I saw the Ek Nayi League Twitter account, there were a  few tweets that were flowing out since morning. One of them mentioned that it was trading on the go. Mobile, laptop, desktops and tablets.
Yes, now that is another clue, we know that Ek Nayi League is a trading league. But what trading is it really about? Electronics trading, mobile trading, laptop trading, life trading, or kidney trading?
Then, there was another lead on Twitter, which said that Ek Nayi League is a league determined by the people for the people. Interesting, right?

Yes, the missed the phrase ‘of the people’, but  Ek Nayi League, which translates to ‘ A New League’ in English is the Ever Indian Stock Trading League Championship! To add more, the Twitter account says that there will be 200 winners. Winners of what, I do not know, but I can tell you something. We can just wait and watch. 
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