An Ode to My Mother, My First Expert

I saw most of my friends posting selfies with their moms on Facebook today. Followed by that, there were many memes depicting how we treat our mothers on Mother’s Day, and how we treat them on the other days. This advertisement, which depicted the importance of mothers was released a long time back, but I still remember it. In case you haven’t watched it yet, then here it is.

The Maggi Puppet commercial was also pretty adorable, but again, these are all marketing gimmicks. Given the fact that I am not good at taking selfies and my smartphone does not have a secondary camera, I chose to write a blog post for Mother’s Day, since it is the only thing that I am at least slightly good at.
I am in my early twenties and my mom is in her late fifties. Though most of her hair is black, she still uses hair dye to cover the minority of gray hair. I fight a lot with my mom, just because of the fact that she is not as adventurous as me. She, on the other hand, blames my dad for that, saying that she was brave before she got married.
Yes, a woman changes completely after her marriage. I have witnessed this with most of my female friends who were pretty close to me. After marriage, they open a new Facebook account, with relationship status “married”. All those old love quotes like… ‘Love is when  He holds your hands like this, etc.’ are gone. Yes, love is serious business now. The Mother-in-Law (a.k.a) Monster-in-Law is readily waiting for a chance to accuse the newly married lady.
But things change when she becomes a mommy. My mother is more like a friend to me, and we talk a lot. We also share similar interests, so we always get along well. The only thing with her is like she becomes like Jim Carrey in “Me, Myself and Irene”. When she gets into the car and sits in the back seat, oh… I really don’t want to explain that.
Sometimes, I really wonder how she does so much work. I would never do so much, nor will anyone else do. When a girl becomes a mother, she becomes a woman. She replaces lipstick and mascara with mittens and aprons. The Facebook account will also not be as active as before.
Jokes apart, being a mother involves more responsibility than we could imagine. And that is what the video about tried to convey. A mother does so much for her family, expecting nothing in return.
My mother does a lot of work, round the clock, and she asks me for very little help. Right from early morning coffee to late night tea, she makes sure that everything comes to my table on time. But there is one funny memory that I would like to share here.
My mother is very bad with technology. Once, when I was in 10th standard, my computer had a virus attack, and it failed to boot. She never knew that the virus was a software. She thought it was a real  VIRUS, and when I touched my PC, she warned me not to. When I asked why, she said that the virus would infect me. I had a laugh of my life, and I do not know whether she remembers this, but she still gives my instructions to be careful with electricity and everything I do. The warnings will never end, no matter how old I get.
Yes, mothers can be crazy, irritating, annoying, and they will blame your computer for everything you do. But, they are awesome, and there is no denying in that. Only a mother can be a mother, and there is no substitute for that.

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