I Am Afraid to Live in India – Guess Why!

While I was already infuriated with the Ministry of External Affairs and other media flooding my Facebook timeline with each and every detail of Modi’s international visits, I came across another startling article today.

Most of you might know it, and I am expecting it to be in the newspapers tomorrow. There is something that the Indian media and the government need to understand. Just because someone becomes the Prime Minister of India, it doesn’t mean that he is God. If you still do not understand, take your Oxford dictionary, and look for the meaning of those two words.   
“Every member shall at all times maintain absolute integrity and… shall do nothing which is unbecoming of a member of the service, the state government warns you that do not do any such act in future which is not in accordance with the dignity of an officer All India Services.'
Source: http://www.indiatimes.com/

Yes, Bastar Collector Amit Katariya was issued this notice for dressing inappropriately while welcoming the Prime Minister. When I first came across this, there was just the heading and the picture on the Facebook post. I was staring at the picture for more than a minute, checking if the man welcoming the PM was naked. Nope. He was wearing pants, and a shirt too.  

And when I read the article, I wanted to bang my head on the wall. All this was for the poor collector wearing sunglasses. It seems he was violating the ‘customary uniform’ code when welcoming the PM. For God’s sake, this man is an IAS Officer, and not a school student. Even school students do not wear proper uniforms, these days.

The state government is believed to be the reason for the issue of this notice, but I do not know if the central government has its part. However, this is highly disgusting. If I were in the place of that collector, I would have written a resignation letter in reply to that notice.

I would like to remind you all that US President Barack Obama was spotted chewing gum, when he was seated alongside Modi in the pavilion, when the Republic day parade was going on. While him chewing gum is fine, an IAS Officer wearing sunglasses is a fault! Pathetic!

The reason for this is simple. Indians have the habit of treating foreigners with high regard, while we hammer down our own people, just because they are at a lower status. The same thing happens in the Indian corporate, where we put down our own people to pave way for foreigners.

There are a lot of things going on like this, which I do not want to mention, but I am happy that at least some people are at least wise enough to take a stand. A corrupt politician recently walked out free saying that she was ‘innocent’, and a man who ran over a poor soul was granted bail for a meager fine of 30,000 rupees.

I live in a country where the sessions courts (lower ranked courts) can give a better judgement than the Supreme Court (highest ranked court). It not only makes me feel afraid, but also makes me feel sad and heartbroken.

Just as I was wondering, I came across this comment on Facebook.

‘Salmon’ is a mistake, and I don’t know if it was on purpose, but this man has a point. I know I could be sent a notice or even worse for publishing this blog post, but guess what… I just don’t care! 

I don't know if Modi made the State Government to issue this notice, but I really wonder what he has to say about this. But here's what I have to say: 

"Mr.Collector. You really look cool in your  sunglasses! Don't stop wearing them!"   
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  1. Everybody has the right to wear whatever they feel appropriate but it should not be against the occasion...that's my take on it.

  2. The should be having better reasons talk and debate about at the Parliament house ! Totally psychic , Uneducated !

  3. There is a protocol for such occasions and we are supposed to follow it. How practical or reasonable are these protocols are, is another topic to discuss.