Why is a Balanced Diet Better than a Crash Diet

You might remember studying about the balanced diet when you were in school, but the question is how practically are we using it in daily life? Our hurried lifestyle and busy schedules keep us packed up, and most of us do not even find time to eat properly. Waking up early, stuffing up food into the stomach, and heading to work has become the routine of most of us who have a job. 

Sometimes, irregular food habits also lead to great problems. People become obese and overweight because of this improper lifestyle. Then comes dieting. There are too many nutrition centers these days, and one could be even a few streets away from your house. But there is a new trend called a ‘crash diet’ that is developing recently. 

A crash diet is opposed to a balanced diet where you reduce your body weight drastically, instead of reducing it conventionally. This involves cutting down the metabolism and other activities and you will have to sacrifice a lot of nutrition and your favorite foods like pizza. 

But expert nutritionists still say that a balanced diet is much better than a crash diet since it would not have any negative effect on your body. To understand why, I will give you an in-depth explanation. According to biology, it is the basic principle that the organs of any living being need proper nutrition to perform well. 

In a balanced diet, you will take food that is nutritious, but at the same time less in fat and other content that causes obesity, or any other bad state of your body. Heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes are the most common causes of death internationally, even in advanced countries. While cancer cannot be pretty much avoided, the other three are actually a result of an imbalanced diet. 

When you go for a crash diet, you only want to reduce your weight fast, but you are cutting down nutrition. This will directly have a bad effect on your organs. Though you will not experience it immediately, it will hit you at a later stage. 

Many nutrition centers and cosmetic clinics recommend this and you might have seen advertisements which show ‘before’ and ‘after’ images of people who undergo crash dieting. Yes, crash diets reduce weight, but they will also reduce your life. 

It is not a big problem being obese or overweight, and there is no hurry to slim down fast. Eat well, exercise well, and follow a balanced diet. Fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, dairy and oils are the main constituents of a balanced diet. Even when it comes to oils, a few of them should be avoided. So plan your diet, and work it out slowly. A balanced diet is always better than a crash diet!
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