Surfing For Cricket on Your Mobile Phone!

Cricket is indeed a delightful game. I used to love the old days of cricket when I could spend time watching it on TV, but these days, every day is a race. With that said, watching TV is out of my schedule, especially because of the programmes and shows that have become so uninteresting. In spite of all this, that urge to watch cricket still exists.

Watching cricket on your mobile phone is now the best option. All you need is a good internet connection (thanks to 4G), a good browser or an application. You can now watch cricket anywhere while travelling, or while working, or even in your college classroom when your professor is lecturing on organic chemistry.

Thus, you can not only watch cricket, but also continue to do your work. Or at least, act like you are doing it worthwhile. The speed of your browser really matters a lot when it comes to watching cricket, since crores of people are already trying to watch their favorite game. In fact, it is really not an easy job.

That is why the proper browser and the proper app must be used. There are a lots of applications for watching cricket. They will all pop up if you just go to the Play Store and search for ‘Cricket’, but there will also be a lot of other things that come with it.

Most apps are really stupid, and they do not even work. You will be getting live scores, which are 20 minutes late. India would have already won the match, but the app will tell you that it needs 20 runs to win. As funny as it sounds, that is the harsh reality of today.

But that again, is not the case with all applications. There are good apps, which will keep you updated of the live scores every time you do something. And that is what I want to share with you. The craziness for cricket is tremendous in India, in spite of the fact that it is a British game.

Some people even take their mobile phones to the restroom to watch cricket while they poop. I really do not have that much of commitment, to be honest, but I sure love watching cricket. I make it a point to watch only the semi finals and finals these days, since I do not find time to watch the whole series.

But for those cricket buffs who are engrossed to the game the whole time, watching cricket on your mobile phone is really a great idea. Even if you do not have an app, you can just surf the internet for live scores. So yeah, happy mobile phone cricket watching!
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