Of Stray Dogs and Selfish Humans - The Solution!

A few weeks back, my Facebook Timeline was flooded with posts about the Yulin Dog Festival in China. Thanks to the Indian media for bringing this into the light (and also attracting a lot of click bait). But the same media miserably failed to convey the fact that an Indian Yulin is on the rise. 

In the state of Kerala (other states too), people are planning to persuade the government to ‘cull’ stray dogs, and export their meat. The reasons cited for this are many. It all starts from the ‘menace’ to other reasons, such as ‘dogs howling in the night’ etc. If you don't believe what I say, no problem, but I have attached proof for this. 

I have lived for almost 24 years, and not once have I been bitten by a dog. Only once, I was chased by a dog when I was riding my bike, and that too because it was at night, and the poor stray dog mistook me for something else, since I was wearing my helmet, jacket, and other riding gear. That being said, it still did not harm me. 

The word ‘stray dogs’ by itself does not convey a proper meaning. There are also human beings on the street. Do we call them ‘stray humans’? Oh yes, we should! They menace other humans begging for money for their food. Should we ‘cull’ them and export their meat? Yeah, why not? It would end the menace, wouldn’t it? 

Humans like these do not understand that they are at great fault, but rather blame the stray dogs. I have spent my life sheltering and feeding stray dogs, but none of them have really caused any menace to me. there are photos of stray dogs on articles which claim that they are causing a ‘menace’. But in those photos, are dogs which are lying down peacefully on the side of the road. If you want to see it for yourself, go to Google Image Search and query ‘stray dogs’.

I accept the fact that dogs could harm humans. But just because one dog harms, it does not mean that you should kill every single dog on earth. Humans kill humans too. Do you kill all humans for that? How stupid! 

Some people say stray dogs have ‘rabies’ and that is why they should be killed. Even humans had ‘ebola’. Were they killed for it? We cleverly blamed the ‘ebola’ virus for this and not ‘humans’. Rabies too, is a virus. But the virus does not get blamed here. Instead, the dogs get blamed. Dear humans, please throw your 6th sense in the dustbin.

And for all those complaining about it, please go and find a way to eradicate Rabies, if you are that clever. I would be more than happy. There are many people working for this, and their efforts have paid. How many dogs on the street do you find with rabies. According to stray dog haters, “All of them!”. 

I am certainly sure that people who claim that stray dogs cause menace have never experienced a dog’s love. They are slaves to money and luxury that has made them a beast that they are. I could write more, but it is hard to change the minds of these people. So let’s come down to something that will make you think. 

The people who claim that stray dogs are causing menace should know their history well. Stray dogs are causing menace on your streets, but please understand that it is us, who created the streets, skyscrapers, industries and apartments. The world was a jungle where man and animals lived together. 

We took dominion, turned the world upside down, ruined it, and made the other beings to adapt to it. Sadly, they have no other choice. The world is not yours, you ‘belong’ to it. Likewise, stray dogs belong to it too. Thanks to a few people who speak for these animals, you and me are able to live today. 

 I am spreading 'awareness' about this, and I am a 'self-proclaimed' animal lover. We know that stray dogs are being killed, and the common man can work for his own benefit. So if you want to ‘cull’ dogs, please go ahead. But consider ‘culling’ yourself too, because that would be a better option to escape from the menace. You know, there are many stray dogs out there. Just too many!

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