My First Smartphone Experience

I still remember that sometime back in May 2014, I got my first real smartphone. This is how I would like to describe it in a few lines, Bryan Adams Style.

“I got my first real smartphone
Bought it at an online shop
Used it till my fingers pained
Was the summer of one year back…”

My First Smartphone - Moto E Unboxed
Yes, almost a year has passed since I bought my Moto E. I still use it so much, and I have dropped it a couple of times, but the phone remains as new as it was when I bought it. I chose to start with the Moto E a year back, because I wanted a good phone which looked decent and had many features. I was working at a small firm as a research writer back then, but making money was quite difficult. I had to choose a smartphone which fitted in my shoestring budget, and I was waiting for one. Luckily, I saw an advertisement on a famous newspaper about the Moto E and it was really attractive. I loved the price of the Moto E more than anything else. I immediately tried to get one, but it was out of stock. I started to work, but all my thoughts were on the Moto E. Since my workplace was quite strict with internet usage, I had to wait to go home and check if it was available.
The bookings were open, however, and I booked my Moto E. I got it delivered within 4 days. As soon as I opened the box, I was so delighted to see the Motorola symbol. I never thought I would own a Motorola smartphone, since they were pretty costly. But Moto E changed that notion. Within a few weeks, there were Moto Es everywhere, someone or the other had it.
One thing that I love about the Moto E even till today is its display. Though it did not have a qHD display, like most smartphones have these days, I actually tricked most of my friends into believing that my Moto E had an HD display. Some of my friends even bought MotoEs for themselves after I flaunted it. It was completely functional with a very light UI, and it worked good even for small games. I wanted a smartphone for utility, and till now, the phone has just crashed twice. Of course, you need to maintain minimum apps and standard memory, but for a smartphone with a small price tag, it was not bad at all. The Moto E also came with a notification light. I never thought it would be so useful, but I realized it only after I began to use the phone.
The best thing of my first smartphone is its user interface. Most other smartphone firms use a heavily loaded UI to make it look good, and that reduces the phone’s performance badly. Motorola chose not to do so, and advanced Android users still use the Moto E UI on their phones after rooting it. But with all this said, there was only one disadvantage - the camera. Since I was not a selfie freak, I never needed the front cam. I would have loved the Moto E even more if it had a better rear cam. Though it was a 5MP shooter, the quality of the images sometimes looked like a VGA output, especially when shooting indoors in low light. Outdoor photographs were decent enough, but most Moto E users had nothing to blame, because Motorola did enough justice to the phone’s price.
But if you do not own a smartphone yet, and you are planning to get one, I would just say that you got lucky. The Moto E 2nd generation is here, and it is much better than the previous one. It also has a secondary camera, though 0.3MP, it must be enough. Needless to say, the rear camera has been improved a lot, because Motorola did not want to miss it out this time. Also, it has a 4.5 inch screen, which is perfect for people who do not like big smartphones.

Personally, I would not prefer spending too much on a smartphone. I chose to start with the Moto E a year back, and if given the same 7000 rupees again, I will definitely choose the new Moto E. That’s because once you use a Motorola, you will just not be happy with any other Android smartphone maker.     
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