Stop Propagating False News on Social Media

I have more than 200 WhatsApp Contacts, 2000 Facebook friends and 1000 Google Plus Followers. And guess what, 99% of these people claim themselves to be educated. People who work as managers, techies, software engineers, etc. send me stupid forwards which really make me go mad.
WhatsApp groups, social networks, all these were created for a good cause, I believe. Some 6 months back, there were stupid messages regarding WhatsApp. Someone said Aarohi Deshmukh was the founder, and our clever souls forwarded it. There is so much false news around, and I agree that it is not easy to find out, but some things can easily be researched.

The common mentality of Indians (sorry to be harsh) these days is to blindly forward whatever message comes to them, without even spending a FEW seconds to research the facts. Recently, there was this message about a swine flu medicine from Himalaya.

The moment I got it, I opened the Himalaya website, and wham, here came the message.

 It is indeed very sad that most of the people who sent these messages have a very good level of education (one of them was supposed to be pursuing his PhD). If there was a medicine for swine flu, the company would have hung a banner for each street in the city.
Sadly, most of us fail to explore things even if it is the smallest. I personally sent a message to all these people to research the facts before sending, but some of them replied “You research first. What you are saying is wrong”. Well, I may be wrong, but the official website of the company will not be.
If you are reading this, please understand. One false message is forwarded to 10 people. That goes to 100, 1000, lakhs, crores and so on. People are stupid enough to go to a medical shop, get the medicine and drink it. Why not, if you are stupid enough to forward it? Please check for something before forwarding. If it is true, then please proceed. It might be a small forward for you, but it is a big deal. I keep telling this to people, but no one seems to do it. I just get annoyed with these forwards. If you claim yourself to be educated, how on earth are you able to do this? Just read something and forward it?

It is high time we open our eyes and look for the real truth. There is Google in the home screen of your smartphone. It will take only seconds to find the truth. If you do not want to spend a few seconds, then you are ignorant. You are an irresponsible citizen. Please stop propagating false news on social media. Do a little research! And instead of sharing them, please share this post.  
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  1. Totally agreed... Nowadays i dont evn bother correcting my friends or relatives who forward such stuff. Many a times people get offended when we point these things out to them.

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