The Worst Food Fix We Had

Some time back, myself and my friend (movie buddy) went to watch a movie. I reached there just in time for the movie, and we rushed in to watch it. Food in theaters cost too much, and we could very well buy a hearty meal for the same price outside. 

Since we always used to eat out, we patiently watched the movie, and enjoyed it till end. The movie was kind of interesting too, so we did not feel the hunger while watching it. It was an afternoon 1:45 PM show, and it ended at 4:30 PM. After the show was over, we were very hungry. 

There were a lot of good restaurants around the place, but unfortunately, none of them were open. We kept searching for half an hour and later found out that they were shut down because of some political curfew. After searching for some more time, we finally found a small café. 

We were planning to eat something big, but sadly, we ended up with something very small. But we were really in a fix that day. Even in that café, the AC was not working, and the repairman was just in the process of repairing it. 

We had no choice, but to sit there and order food in that stuffy condition. I was profusely sweating, but hungry at the same time. Finally, the food arrived. Luckily, they had some good food, which included pizza. The cost of the food was somewhat high, and the fact that their AC was not working was even more annoying. 

But we were doubtful of finding any more eateries nearby, and hence, we had no other choice, but to go with this. Finally, the food was ready and we began to eat it. Halfway through, the AC was switched on, and we felt like heaven. We enjoyed our meal slowly and steadily and satisfied our hunger.

This might seem normal, but for the situation we were in that day, it was quite terrible. Little did we know that it was a bad day to choose. The next time we went to the same place, we saw many new restaurants open. Boy, were we happy! 

Nowadays, getting food is quite easy. All you need is an app, like TinyOwl. We wish we had something like this then. It would have made the situation quite better.
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