What Real Togetherness Means to Me

We live in a world that is dominated by smartphones. Though I resist myself away from my smartphone while disabling notifications, or switching off the Wi-Fil, it does not keep me from checking my phone. While we meet friends over dinner, lunch or somewhere else, we are physically together, but mentally apart.

Technology is again another reason for broken relationships. Many people fall in love through social media and the Internet, but a large number of people also break up because of technology. Physiatrists believe that people who are not much into social media have a better relationship on record.

I recently came to know about a place called Kissanpur, where ‘real togetherness’ can be experienced. Apparently, you cannot take your smartphones into Kissanpur. The worst of all, there is no Wi Fi. You do not need to carry food or water, since Kissanpur has plenty of that.
The only thing you are allowed to do here is plant seeds (tomato seeds to be specific), and watch them grow into plants. Kissanpur is also filled with cute little heroes who will take care of their seeds and grow them.

Kissanpur is actually a very peaceful place. There are no wars, no bombing, no nuclear deals, or no Acche Din. In fact, every single day is Acche Din. You can take any number of friends to this place and be with them for however long you want.

Guess what, since you will not be having your smartphone or your tablet or anything that takes away your attention, you can get to talk to your friends actually after a very long time. Kissanpur is full of happiness, fun and frolic.

You also get to breathe fresh air, and there are no cars or bikes or honking traffic. I don’t think they allow cycles too. You can just go with your loved ones, hold their hands, and talk and walk all the way long. There is no need to worry about getting lost in Kissanpur as well. Believe me, you will love to get lost here.

There is only one problem. We have no idea where this Kissanpur is. However, it is believed that many Kissanpurs are there in India, but they just bear different names. Any place which lives up to the descriptions above is Kissanpur. For sure, we would all love to go there.

But jokes apart, it is good to take time off our miserable lives to get a glimpse of nature and enjoy some quality time with friends and family. We can very well free ourselves, but we do not want to, just like a caged bird which gets used to its cage, even if it is open.

For me, real togetherness is to get lost in some natural place with friends and family, and I do it once in a while.  

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